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Juan Díaz Durán

Juan Díaz Duran formally started his carrier in the eighties, when he felt the need to take art as a profession. He has always felt admiration for the great masters in painting, but the Latin American artists are between his favorites and are the ones that have in some way influenced his work.


With time he has refined his pictorial style and what he is now creating could be defined as Narrative Surrealism; even thought he has gone true different techniques, in the past few years, he has dedicated to oil painting, which helps him achieve a better expression of color, with the right textures, all together generating the spaces he is looking for. He has gone through different academic styles such as realism, impressionism, surrealism, among others. 


According to Juan “In art, in no way has one reached the finish line, there is always the potential to create something new, something different… while humans exist, there will be someone with the need to usevisual arts to express and that can last in ways we can’t even imagine”


For him painting is a way to communicate to the outer world, he considers this more important than the commercial realization and this is his way of reaching success; the greatest achievement of an artist is translated through the connection accomplished with the spectator.


He has lived in San Miguel de Allende for the last 10 years and is currently exhibiting in Fabrica La Aurora at CSEIS Gallery.

Photography by: Julio Velasco

Click on picture to view his work.

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